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Insurance Coverage for Home Visits

Insurance Coverage for Home Visits

Does insurance cover for home visits? That’s usually the third question a mother asks when she calls. The first question is “Do you make home visits?” and the second is “When can you be here?”

To answer the first two questions: Yes and within a day if not sooner. To answer the third, I’ll explain the how payments are made.

For a home visit, families pay the Lactation Consultant directly and the insurance company reimburses them. Send a copy of your ‘superbill’ with your policy information. Your cancelled check or credit card receipt is proof of payment.

It’s a good idea to confirm what your insurance coverage is and review the Affordable Care Act with them. I wrote another blog with more specifics on your insurance benefits.

We’ve had varying answers, sometimes from the same company. It’s good to document your phone calls (when and what was said) to clarify what is offered under your plan.  The National Women’s Law Center has a handy fact sheet that may be helpful, too.

For Massachusetts residents, please do fill out our insurance survey, it helps us help you!

The Health and Human Services Guideline for Health Insurance Coverage states women are entitled to “Comprehensive lactation support and counseling, by a trained provider during pregnancy and/or in the postpartum period, and costs for renting breastfeeding equipment.” Visits with a breastfeeding specialist such as a board certified Lactation Consultant, are covered 100% with no co-pay.

Ask for your insurance company’s list of in-network providers. If they don’t have anyone in network, you have a right to see someone out of their network. It’s important to assert this.

The key word is assert. If your baby isn’t gaining weight, isn’t having bowel movements or if you’re in pain, that needs attention, especially in the first two weeks. The sooner you get help, the better you (and your baby) will feel. That also builds your confidence early on.

You have a right to this kind of lactation counseling and support. Now you know a bit more about how to assert this right and get support. Advocating for your child, and your family’s health, is a skill that you’ll continue to refine as a parent.

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Did you know?

Do you know how well-designed women are for breastfeeding and nurturing their babies?

• Little bumps on a mother’s nipple secrete a substance that smells like amniotic fluid.  That’s a familiar scent that compels your newborn to find your nipple and begin breastfeeding.

• When you hold your newborn baby on your chest, your body temperature rises seven degrees between your breasts. Direct skin to skin with your baby helps him/her stay warm, breathe easier and have a more regular heart rate.

• A newborn baby’s stomach can hold  7-10 ml. at a time.  That’s about the size of a teaspoon. A mother makes about 100 ml  in the first day. Feeding an infant ten times a day is normal. Your baby is well fed and you’re stimulating your body to make more.

• Oxytocin is abundant in labor and breastfeeding. It’s the Love hormone that promotes our sense of connection with others and our instincts to hold and protect. Mothers, newborn babies and fathers all experience rises in oxytocin.

• Your baby hears your voice while in the womb.  From the moment of birth, amongst all the newness of light, temperature and gravity, your voice (and your partner’s voice) is a familiar comfort.

In these and many other ways, you are a simple, low tech and important source of warmth and comfort for your child, right from the start.  This is part of how you change in becoming a parent.

Did you know that insurance should cover the cost of a home visit? 100% with no co-pay. It’s part of the Affordable Care Act of 2012.  If you’ve had a home visit (with me or anyone), could you please fill out a short survey?  My colleagues and I would like to learn more about how insurance coverage is working.

Thank you!

Prenatal classes and Home visits
Robin Snyder-Drummond, BA, IBCLC

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Lactation Consultant

Lactation Consultant

I’m Robin Snyder-Drummond, an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) who makes home visits in the Boston area. I help families with any of their breastfeeding concerns. You can call me at 617-435-0693, we can arrange a visit.

Home visits afford us more time to observe feedings, you are in a more comfortable place and it’s certainly convenient: no car seats, no parking.

There’s plenty of time to ask whatever question you have. With every child, there’s always a learning curve, especially in the first weeks.

Background Experience and Training 
Trained by midwives in 1985, I began as a ‘labor coach’ and immediately saw what a difference personal support made.  I became a certified childbirth educator and later, a DONA certified birth doula. In 2000, I began BirthReady with my colleague Joan. We offered independent childbirth education and labor support so women could make more informed, personal choices.

Since 1993, I’ve taught classes in a high school, air force base, women’s shelter, a lesbian moms group, recreation centers (another definition of ‘re-creation’!) and four area hospitals. I’ve  facilitated mother’s groups, parent workshops and trainings for health professionals. For ten years, I was an active birth doula, attending to over 200 families in Boston area hospitals (and one birth center). That included many, many home visits for postpartum care. Seeing families before, during and after birth, it was obvious how consistent, evidence based information is important.

Since my certifying as an IBCLC in 2009 my focus has been home visits for breastfeeding guidance. I no longer practice as doula, though I do still teach prenatal breastfeeding classes.

Breastfeeding Help
The IBCLC credential is the only internationally recognized accreditation for lactation consultants. Qualifying for the IBCLC exam requires college level courses, breastfeeding specific education and, when I was applying, 2500 hours of one on one counselling. In 2009 I passed the exam to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I recertified in 2014.

I’m always learning from conferences, journals and my colleagues. The most important learning, I feel, is from visiting with mothers and seeing what’s most effective for each family.

Professional Associations
I’m a member of the
International Lactation Consultants Association
United States Lactation Consultants Association
Nursing Mothers Council

I’m current in my CPR certification and am a certified Basic Life Support Instructor.

Did you know that insurance may cover the cost of a home visit? 100% with no co-pay. It’s part of the Affordable Care Act.  If you have any questions about insurance coverage, the National Women’s Law Center has this helpful phone hotline.


Let’s be in touch. 617-435-0693 or
I’m glad to talk with you about home visits, prenatal classes and workshops. Feel free to contact me.  You can also sign up for my newsletter.

I look forward to talking with you.

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Best Possible Support

“Learning the laid back position and in general gaining more confidence around breastfeeding.” 2016

“Thank you again for all your help. You provided me with some great strategies to make it as far as I did despite the challenges, and gave me a lot of information that helped me understand how the body works and how to maximize our breastfeeding journey.” CS 2015

“All of your expertise and knowledge. You knew immediately that L. may have a tongue tie/lip tie… Also your comforting and warm presence as it was sensitive and fragile. I felt supported during my session and felt like you were very accessible by phone as well. Also, weighing the baby to see how much milk he got was so helpful.” J.and L. 2014

“Robin, what a wonderful, educational and compassionate talk you gave to us at our meeting. Thank you so much, it was great to have a return visit from you. We all felt that we were better prepared …You were so well prepared and interesting and I know that all of us were grateful that you could show us how to better understand (postpartum adjustment) and help the mother to seek assistance for herself. I hope you will come again to our gathering and enlighten us with a different topic”. Kate Hall,  Founder/Chairwoman of Bluebird Childcare, 2012

“I am so very grateful for the lactation support I received from Robin Snyder-Drummond after the birth of my first child. Robin visited us in our home … Her knowledge, warmth and nurturance made our challenging situation seem manageable. She assessed the problems we faced and gave us the tools to overcome them. My daughter and I now enjoy a very satisfying breastfeeding relationship. For this, I am indebted to Robin, who guided us through that difficult time with skill and compassion.” Amy Alberts Warren, PhD Development Psychologist,  2012

Robin Snyder-Drummond, BA, IBCLC
Prenatal classes and home visits
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Insurance Coverage for Home Visits

We have helpful information about the Affordable Care Act for you.
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Did you know?

A newborn's eyes can focus 10-12 inches. Naturally, that's the distance from the curl of your arm to your baby's face.
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Lactation Consultant

617-435-0693 I'm an IBCLC Lactation Consultant who makes home visits in the Greater Boston area.
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"What was most helpful about our home visit? Encouraging me to feed via the breast. Watching him latch at a bottle feed."
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