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Support for Breastfeeding Support

Support for Breastfeeding Support

Wrapping up a home visit, the mom thanked me for the breastfeeding support. I visited her and her six day old during a holiday week. We had a two-hour visit. First we discussed supply and latching. Secondly, we made sure her baby was getting fed. As a result, she was feeling better and her baby was contentedly pooping. The two hours in her place helped them get past important obstacles.

Lactation support of this depth is necessary, not a luxury. But what concerns me is that, many women do not expect they can get this support. Likewise, many families are surprised that their insurance should pay for it. And yet, the Affordable Care Act law requires it.

A recent settlement reaffirmed this. In October 2016, families filed a class action lawsuit against CareFirst. They had paid out-of-pocket for lactation support. Not only did CareFirst not have trained lactation professionals in network, they denied reimbursement for this mandated service, breastfeeding support.

In December 2018, the court ruled in favor of lactation support with a $3.6 million settlement. The settlement reaffirmed what the law states: No co-pay, no deductible. No cost to families…. support for the entire time of breastfeeding. Hopefully, others will learn from this. Equally important, insurance companies need to  include lactation professionals in their network and make this service available to their members.

Here in Massachusetts, there are some companies that reimburse for IBCLC home visits.

Some obstacles still remain. Medicaid requires only licensed health care providers. That means, they only provide for support from a nurse or doctor, who are licensed health care providers though they are not lactation specialists. Medicaid does not provide for care with any breastfeeding certification. That is why my colleagues and I advocate for licensure of IBCLCs: to assure access to the IBCLC level of care for all Massachusetts families.

It’s important to get the help you deserve sooner than later. In fact, the first two weeks make a difference in your milk supply. Breastfeeding support is necessary, it’s not a luxury.

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Home Visits

Home Visits

Breastfeeding guidance in your home is a convenient and effective way to learn about breastfeeding. With your baby in your arms, the answers to your questions make more sense. Call me at 617-435-0693.

How does a home visit work?
A home visit takes about two hours. I’ll come to your house and meet you (your partner, your older kids, your pets). You review and sign a consent form while I wash my hands.
We’ll weigh your baby before and then after a feeding. Together we’ll observe, without judgement, how breastfeeding is going. I’ll answer your questions. We’ll make a plan for moving forward.
You’ll receive a written review of our visit, relevant hand outs and a receipt. I’ll send a review to your pediatrician. We can be in touch by phone call or e-mail for follow-up. If you need more time, we can schedule another visit.

Most families need one or two visits and a few phone calls. For your reassurance, I’m current with flu shots, immunizations, TB testing, am ‘fragrance-neutral’ and am comfortable with most pets.

How is payment made? You pay me directly, check or credit card. I’ll give you a detailed receipt.

Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA will reimburse you in about a month. United Health and Cigna may reimburse. We suggest you contact your insurance company to confirm their reimbursement.

Reimbursement means you pay out of pocket first and get that returned after you send your proof of payment (receipt) to your insurance company. 

Aetna covers IBCLC care from their preferred providers. I can connect you to Aetna preferred providers.
Coverage means you don’t pay out of pocket. Only Aetna covers IBCLC care.

When should you have a visit?
 Anytime you have questions or need some guidance..The first two weeks are a time-sensitive period to establish your milk supply.
It’s important to get help especially if
• feeding is painful, you are uncomfortable.
• latching on is difficult.
• your baby is not soiling enough diapers.
• your baby is not gaining weight or is losing weight.

How about a prenatal visit? For families with specific concerns, prior difficult experiences, or have limited time for a class, a prenatal visit is a good option. Learn what you can do for a good start. Breastfeeding takes patience and practice, not pain.

For breastfeeding guidance in the comfort of your home, call me. 617-435-0693

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Lactation Consultant

Lactation Consultant

I’m Robin Snyder-Drummond, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Home visits are a comfortable and certainly more convenient way to answer your breastfeeding concerns. We’ll have about two hours to discuss your questions, observe a feeding, make a plan.  Call me at 617-435-0693 to arrange a visit.

Background Experience and Training 
I began as a childbirth educator and doula, twenty five years ago. It was clear that every family benefitted from accurate and consistent breastfeeding information… the sooner the better. That was my inspiration to become an IBCLC. I became certified in 2009.

I’ve taught prenatal classes in a high school, an air force base, women’s shelter, a lesbian moms group, recreation centers, for Early Intervention programs and regular series in Boston area hospitals and a birth center. For ten years, I was an active DONA certified birth doula.
Much of my experience was with the Cambridge Doulas, a multicultural program offered through Cambridge Health Alliance. My mentor, Kate Reist, RN, CNM, IBCLC was an excellent guide on my journey to become an IBCLC.

I still teach prenatal breastfeeding classes, though no longer work a doula. My focus is home visits for breastfeeding guidance.

Breastfeeding Help
The IBCLC credential is the only internationally recognized accreditation for lactation consultants. Qualifying for the IBCLC exam requires college level courses, lactation specific education and up to 2,000 hours of supervised clinical experience (that is, meeting mothers and babies one-on-one). In 2009, I passed the exam and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  All IBCLCs recertify every 5 years and take the board exam every 10 years.

I’m always learning from conferences, journals and colleagues. The most important learning, I feel, is from visiting with mothers and families.

Professional Associations
I’m a member of the
International Lactation Consultants Association
United States Lactation Consultants Association
Massachusetts Lactation Consultants Association

I’m current in my vaccinations and CPR certification. I am a certified Basic Life Support Instructor.

Did you know that insurance may cover the cost of a home visit? If you are an Aetna client, you do not have to pay out of pocket for Aetna care if you work with their providers. I can refer you to my colleagues who are Aetna preferred providers.

Tufts and Harvard Pilgrim consistently reimburse for IBCLC home visits. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA does, too. BC/BS of MA has a list of IBCLCs in Massachusetts who make home visits.

I’m glad to talk with you about home visits, prenatal classes and workshops. You can also sign up for my newsletter.
Let’s be in touch. 617-435-0693 or

I look forward to talking with you.


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Best Possible Support

“Learning the laid back position and in general gaining more confidence around breastfeeding.” 2016

“Thank you again for all your help. You provided me with some great strategies to make it as far as I did despite the challenges, and gave me a lot of information that helped me understand how the body works and how to maximize our breastfeeding journey.” CS 2015

“All of your expertise and knowledge. You knew immediately that L. may have a tongue tie/lip tie… Also your comforting and warm presence as it was sensitive and fragile. I felt supported during my session and felt like you were very accessible by phone as well. Also, weighing the baby to see how much milk he got was so helpful.” J.and L. 2014

“Robin, what a wonderful, educational and compassionate talk you gave to us at our meeting. Thank you so much, it was great to have a return visit from you. We all felt that we were better prepared …You were so well prepared and interesting and I know that all of us were grateful that you could show us how to better understand (postpartum adjustment) and help the mother to seek assistance for herself. I hope you will come again to our gathering and enlighten us with a different topic”. Kate Hall,  Founder/Chairwoman of Bluebird Childcare, 2012

“I am so very grateful for the lactation support I received from Robin Snyder-Drummond after the birth of my first child. Robin visited us in our home … Her knowledge, warmth and nurturance made our challenging situation seem manageable. She assessed the problems we faced and gave us the tools to overcome them. My daughter and I now enjoy a very satisfying breastfeeding relationship. For this, I am indebted to Robin, who guided us through that difficult time with skill and compassion.” Amy Alberts Warren, PhD Development Psychologist,  2012

Robin Snyder-Drummond, BA, IBCLC
Prenatal classes and home visits
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Support for Breastfeeding Support

A class action suit was settled in favor of lactation support. Insurance companies need to provide trained lactation professionals. No co-pay, no deductibles, no cost to families.
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Home Visits

Thorough, convenient and comfortable. Call and we'll schedule an appointment. 617-435-0693.
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Lactation Consultant

Families benefit from accurate, consistent breastfeeding advice. That's why I became an IBCLC.
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"What was most helpful about our home visit? Encouraging me to feed via the breast. Watching him latch at a bottle feed."
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