Answers to Your Questions

Soon your newborn will arrive and will start feeding. It helps to know what to expect in those first days and weeks.
We’re offering two free informal classes for the benefit of breastfeeding families and those who support them.

Your Lactation Questions Answered.
Tuesday October 25, 2022
6:30-8:00 pm
What questions do you have about breastfeeding? Bring them to this informal class.
We’ll focus on how your body works and how your baby learns.
• How to get a good start
• What’s a normal feeding?
• How do you know your baby is feeding well?
• Is it supposed to hurt?
• How can you avoid mastitis?
• What about pumps?

How Can I Help?
Tuesday November 1, 2022
6:30-8:00 pm.

This informal class is for grandparents, friends, partners, those who want to respectfully assist a new breastfeeding family.
Get answers to your questions, clarify myths, share traditions that have worked. Expectant parents are welcome to this group too.
Understand more about the first weeks transition and make practical plans for the postpartum parents.

Meet Robin Snyder-Drummond, an IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Kristen Hayward, a CNM midwife. Get answers to your breastfeeding questions and learn how to advocate for what you need. You can also schedule an appointment with Robin, you can do that online on Kristen’s website.
Both classes take place at Anchored Women’s Health
102 Main St. in Ellsworth, ME.   Entrance behind the City Hall parking lot.

Let us know if you plan to attend: