Breastfeeding Questions

During the course of a home visit, mothers and fathers have a lot of questions about breastfeeding. At this start of a new year, it seems an appropriate time to review some of these. I’ve listed those blogs that answer the most frequently asked questions.

• Parents are often glad to know that breastmilk can be out at room temperature for up to eight hours. You can wait to put breastmilk in the refrigerator. There’s no need to throw it out after two hours. Here’s a blog about storing and freezing breast milk.

When a breastfeeding mother needs to take some medications, she’ll want to be sure it’s safe for her baby. The authoritative resource for your reference is the Infant Risk Center. That’s in my blog about Medications and Breastmilk.

Parenting encompasses much more than breastfeeding, of course. It takes several months to adjust to your new family dynamics. In time, you figure ways to get sleep, create routines that work for your family and have some fun. I cover Tips for the Two of you and other related topics in a couple of blogs.

Many families are inspired to breastfeed because of its benefits for your developing child’s immune system. There are also benefits for the mother’s body as well. You can read about how breastfeeding actually improves your bone density.

You’ll notice changes in your body as you recover from pregnancy and as your baby’s nursing needs change. I discuss Breast Shape and Changes in one blog.

Finding places to meet other new mothers is great. Have you found a resource that has been especially helpful?

Please feel free to send an e-mail with your favorite techniques, resource or advice. The most learning, I’ve found, is when mothers get together and share their stories.

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