Resilient and Ready

In the first two weeks, what your body needs is very specific. Follow the Golden Rule of Postpartum.
Two Naps, One Event. That will help you recover and be resilient in your new parenthood.

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newborn infant in parents arm,looking sleepy.

Rest Easy with Your Baby

I wrote this blog for the Maine State Breastfeeding Coalition and for friends who had questions as new grandmothers. Sleep is so wonderful, so restorative

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cat resting on bed

Rest Assured

These are our most basic needs, eating and sleeping, and ideally they are done with calm. As you learn your baby’s signals and moods, you can make routines that work best for your baby and your family.

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two birds feeding baby birds in a nest

Sharing her Story

“I just wanted to share a testimonial about Anchored Women’s Health…It makes me wish I had found Anchored Women’s Health sooner! “

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