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When Your Baby Is Born Preterm

Some of the most essential help for your baby comes from your skin warmth and your breast milk.

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Keep Sending the Message: Support HBill 1151

Licensure would make IBCLC care accessible to families. Tell your legislators that this is important.

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Nonsense and Body Sense

infant gazing over shoulder

Some products claim to enhance or improve your breastmilk. You really don't need those, you're fine the way you are.

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Licensure for IBCLC Lactation Consultants

Of 15 certifications for breastfeeding support, the IBCLC credential is the most rigorous and thorough.

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Tongue-Tie Basics

Painful latching, pinched nipples, poor weight gain: these may be signs of tongue-tie. They definitely are reasons to see an IBCLC lactation consultant.

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Breastfeeding Confusion, Education and Support

My IBCLC colleague had helped one of those grandmothers and then my colleague also helped her daughter. Talk about continuity!

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‘Milky Way’ Film and Discussion Sunday August 6th 7 p.m

The Milky Way

There are so many ways women are encouraged or discouraged in breastfeeding. Yet, breastfeeding itself is the same biological process it has been for millennia and it’s designed to succeed. Come to this viewing and valuable discussion of the movie: ‘The Milky Way’ Sunday August 6th   7-9 pm.  Temple Shalom  175 Temple St.  Newton, MA $20 per ticket.  Buy your ticket here! This event is organized by the Massachusetts Lactation Consultants Association. Proceeds benefit Project Licensure, an effort to assure access to...

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Assuring Good Care for All Families

paper money hanging on hook

Insurance often requires licensed providers. However, not all licensed providers are breastfeeding specialists like an IBCLC.

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Milk and Lilies

August lilies thumbnail

What do lilies have to do with breast milk?

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This Is Still Important

In any possible revision of the Affordable Care Act, it's necessary to keep support for breastfeeding.

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