Rest, Pump, Love

Her baby had been born a month early and she had given birth only a few hours ago. She understood what she could focus on doing.

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Alveoli Designs

When I redesigned my website, I needed some new imagery. Photos of beautiful babies and parents with their infants abound. I was aiming for something

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light shadow on green wall

A Moment of Grace

I knew very little about Bea, but I’d been present at her labor and felt special care was deserved. When I offered a home visit, she accepted.

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Hand to Mouth

Hand to mouth is part of the learning process. Even when in the womb, newborns suck their thumbs. Sucking on their fingers is a precursor to finding a good latch and nursing.

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Tongue-Tie Basics

Painful latching, pinched nipples, poor weight gain: these may be signs of tongue-tie. They definitely are reasons to see an IBCLC lactation consultant.

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