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Accessible Breastfeeding Support

Shouldn’t every family be able to consult with someone with that level of training and experience?

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More Advice about Breast Pumps

lymph and breast structure

Changing the flanges can make a difference and is less expensive than buying a new pump.

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Returning to Work

You can provide breast milk for your baby while you're at work or just not home. This class will help you plan ahead.

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Pumping Practicalities

Here are some practical tips to make pumping more comfortable and more effective.

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Insurance Coverage for Lactation Support IS Required

NO co-pay. NO deductible. Support for the entire duration of breastfeeding and way beyond the hospital. Read on. It's the law.

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A Breastfeeding Friendly Congressional Workplace

close up watercolor of clock hands

Help for working mothers, support for breastfeeding and doing all this in a bi-partisan manner. That's productive!

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Addressing Postpartum Depression in Massachusetts

One of the tasks is to review PPD screening policies and practices, and to develop referral lists. Make timely, practical help available.

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Breastfeeding in Refugee Camps

"The best emergency preparedness is a confident, well mother capable of nourishing her child."

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What Licensure Means for You

Certificate for IBCLC

There are differences in what qualifies as breastfeeding support.

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Making A Safe Home

Your child will be fascinated by things you are familiar with and she will use it in a different way.

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