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Licensure for IBCLC

A rigorous, consistent standard for breastfeeding support is important for all families in Massachusetts.

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Your Amazing Microbiome

tiny lights like bacteria and microorganisms.

A healthy microbiome is essential to our well-being. It's also important to share with our babies.

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Rooming In or Nursery?

How do we most effectively support families at the hospital and in the first weeks at home?

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What About Contaminants in Breast Milk?

There are a few things you needn't worry about, and some positive things you can do.

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Blue Cross/Blue Shield breastfeeding support?

We hope Blue Cross/Blue Shield will see the value of expanding Beginning of Life care, too.

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Alternatives for Breast Milk?

All babies deserve to have human breast milk.

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Creating Supportive Spaces

How does a mother with two toddlers cross a big parking lot?

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Myth-Information and Booby Traps

Here are some questions mothers have had about breastfeeding. Let's clarify some confusing or partial information.

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Diapers and Depression

young baby with furrowed brow and scowl.

Having enough diapers makes an important difference in the baby's health and the mother's mental health, too.

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Your Breastfeeding Advocates

Get help with your insurance benefits for breastfeeding support.

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