Easing your Recovery

A little too often I see new mothers carrying their baby in a car seat. Oye. This is hard on your postpartum core muscles.  I have some advice for you that is simple. I hope you will notice the difference.

Important posture for your pelvic floor recovery.

  1. Carry your baby in a front carrier like a NuRooBaby K’tan or a Mobywrap.  It’s calming for a baby to be held like this, they are more secure when close to you. Just as importantly, this keeps the weight centered in the front, not stressing your back or core muscles. Keep the car seat in the car and carry your child whenever you go anywhere.
  2. When you get out of bed or move off the couch, first roll to the side to rise. Avoid scrunching your belly and lifting straight up.  When you are standing over a changing table, slightly bend your knees rather than bend over the table. (This is good for any body’s pelvic floor.)

We are all affected by age and gravity. Pelvic health and postpartum recovery is, truly, foundational to our well being. Watch an informative webinar with specific advice for postpartum. It was presented by Jenn Gelfand, PT, DPT of Root to Rise physical therapy. Check out this webinar on the Maine State Breastfeeding Coalition’s YouTube channel.

For your wellbeing you also need to prioritize naps in the first month. The Golden Rule of Postpartum is Two Naps, One Event. I say this often and it’s worth spreading the message.

Two Naps means: a nap in the morning, a nap in the afternoon. Then at night you’re getting naps. When you break up the hours with naps, it is much easier to cope.

One Event means: visit to pediatrician OR grocery shop. With small babies, every trip takes an hour or more longer and requires your energy. One event means you get one done then come back home and get some rest.

Focus on recovery now and in time you will have more energy, less confusion and less aches. Later on, maybe a month or two, I hope you can find a Pilates class. A good Yoga class is also a help for re-tuning your muscles.

The Downeast Family Y in Ellsworth has three good classes.
Hard Core on Wednesday morning with Vanessa. This is sounds very macho… far from it. It is quiet, thoughtful and focused on core muscles.

Pilates on Tuesday mornings with Naomi. This also is focused on the core and specific muscle sets. As a bonus, there is an additional 15 minute stretch class after that.

Yoga on Tuesday morning with Hannah. These are calm, focused and good for your whole body. Hannah also teaches at Quiet Strength Yoga in Ellsworth.

All of this has to do with breastfeeding, even though it’s not breastfeeding. Attending to your core muscles and getting rest can make adjusting to your new life easier. If you want more specific breastfeeding guidance, I’m glad to help you with that, too!