Free Car Seat Checks

Switch to your snow tires, get your favorite ice scraper, and put an extra blanket and coat in the trunk. And also, get your baby’s car seat inspected. This is important for your new baby, for the baby who’s grown to another size, for your young one who’s switching to a booster.

It makes a difference to assure the car seat is installed properly. Just like you need to know your tires are properly inflated. You will learn more about adjustments for your child, have the seat reinstalled safely (if necessary) and get answers to your questions. A car seat check takes about 30-45 minutes. Car Seat Checks are free and done by nationally certified child passenger safety technicians.

In Hancock County, Maine, you can e-mail: to set up an appointment
This is for the Blue Hill Peninsula area, Deer Isle, Ellsworth, Bucksport, and other parts of Hancock County.

Find a nationally certified child passenger safety technician in other states, too. Check out what’s offered on the website. You can find places for car seat inspections and call the nearest SafeKids office.

When my kids were little, I’d make sure they were strapped securely in their seats. Then I’d get in the driver’s seat and put my seat belt on. I’d turn around to look at them and together we’d say “Drive Safely, Arrive Safely”.

We did, we do and I hope the same for your family.