Healing for the Normal and New Normal

Bluer skies and longer hours of sunlight are welcome as the pandemic continues. However, you may need new strategies for maintaining  your own balance. I’m sharing two techniques to benefit your body and mind. For anyone with an infant or young kids, a few minutes a day for your well being is very helpful. For specific breastfeeding questions, call me and we can discuss those.

Both of these techniques are non invasive, only requiring your body and breath. They are easy to learn and do anywhere. Try these for ten minutes, a limited yet effective amount of time to attend to your wellness. Both techniques are based on the concept of energy meridians in the body, which is fundamental to Chinese medicine.

Imagine energy meridians as channels of energy that run up and down within the body, usually in a symmetrical arrangement. Energy is associated with a specific organ and specific emotions (kidney and fear, liver and anger are general examples.) Stimulating points for specific organs can improve the flow of energy.

Balancing this flow of energy in the body improves your overall well-being. Here is a short video with Master Liu He demonstrating Chi Jong. (You can skip the ads in the beginning.) These are specific movements that energize points to boost the immune system as well as calm the mind.

The other technique is called EFT, Emotional Freedom Tapping. It has the same purpose of helping your energy flow by clearing your emotional state. I first heard about this from an IBCLC colleague whose client found it helpful in dealing with breastfeeding issues. This short video is a good summary.

The first step is to recognize what is bothering you… focus it to one sentence. Identifying that is your  ‘set-up statement’. Recognizing and saying it out loud enables you to release that knot of emotion.  In the video example, she mentions a worry about a deadline. You can be more general. For example, if you feel anxious about a lot of things, you can simply say, “Even though I am anxious, I accept myself completely and honestly.”

Once you’ve said the ‘set-up statement’ you follow a tapping pattern while you say what you’re feeling. As you stimulate nine specific points along the meridians, you physically release energy.  The goal is to undo the knot, with your body and mind, so that your energy can flow more easily. Repeat this two or three times and notice how you feel as you practice.

Releasing feelings can lead to deeper shifts that may be upsetting. Consider whom you know who is a good listener: a friend, a therapist or a group to help if this emotional release is more intense. For postpartum parents, I recommend Postpartum Support International.

As we move into a new, as yet unknown, normal…. I hope these can be tools to help you manage change and flourish in the days ahead.

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