Insurance Coverage for Lactation Support IS Required

Feeling crazy that your insurance company is not really supporting breastfeeding? A lot of families in Massachusetts have had that experience. There are several groups that have been advocating for complete coverage.

The good news is that the Commissioner of Insurance in Massachusetts took note.

You are not crazy. It is a Federal requirement that carriers cover lactation services without any consumer cost sharing. That means:
• there is no co-pay.
• there is no deductible.

Coverage for lactation support must extend for the duration of the breastfeeding.” Lactation support extends beyond the first days and beyond your hospital stay (a.k.a in-patient services.) Home visits are part of lactation support.

Does your insurance company not have a roster of in-network providers?  Find your own good, experienced IBCLC. Get the support you need and deserve when you need it. It still has to be covered. That was the original intent of the Affordable Care Act and it still is.

The Bulletin, issued by Daniel R. Judson, Commissioner of Insurance in Massachusetts, is brief and specific about these issues. Please read it.

Making support for breastfeeding genuinely available… as soon as possible, as long as needed is good news. It’s an important step for healthier families to grow and thrive in Massachusetts.

Bulletin 2016-05;
Federal Requirement that Carriers Cover Certain Lactation Services Without Any Consumer Cost-Sharing; Issued July 6, 2016