Always Learning as an IBCLC

Every five years, I have to re-certify as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Every ten years, I have to take the IBCLC exam. You should know this because it reflects a standard of quality education that we, as IBCLC’s , are proud to maintain.

To recertify after my first five years, I had to have garnered 75 breastfeeding specific continuing education credits. I had over 119 credits. In 2019, I took the IBLCE exam again, as required, and I passed. Yea!

Over the years, I’ve learned about tongue-ties from noted experts Alison Hazelbacker, Lawrence Kotlow and most especially, Catherine Watson Genna. I’ve heard from colleagues in Bulgaria, Israel and other countries about public health policies that help, or hinder, timely support for mothers. We’re learning more about the unique biome of a mother’s body and how it profoundly affects our children’s immune systems. This encompasses issues about organic nutrition, land use and the health of our environment. There’s more to breastfeeding than a good latch and supply.

Webinars and conferences are great. What I most appreciate are the families I’ve been honored to be with at this special time. It’s the woman-to-woman, parent to parent experience that strengthens my heart and mind. My hope is that new parents, especially the moms, appreciate how competent they already are. You, as a parent, are always an important influence on the next generation, in ways you can’t see right away though probably already sense.

Love what your body can do and the invisible ways you are learning about your baby.Trust your gut.

I’ll get a paper certificate this year, not a satin ribbon like the photo shows (though that would be cool). The ribbon in the photo was an award I won. At the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair, I entered the Woman’s Skillet Throw.  I placed sixth and second place.  Who knew? I guess you could say that’s a new skill-ette I hadn’t know I had.

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