Looking Ahead

Seven weeks into this pandemic quarantine and we’re wondering what comes next. I’m hoping it will be better organizing for public health. I also hear a loud call for paid family leave.

Family leave would include elder care, child care, and even one’s own illness or injury. It’s dramatically obvious now, with the pandemic, how that would be of important benefit. A Paid Family Leave bill was being discussed at the State House in Augusta though the legislature’s session was curtailed. It’s still worth sending a message.

What would Paid Family Leave mean to you, a constituent living in Maine? As a parent or grandparent, a partner or sibling, you have experience. You know what has genuinely helped and what is lacking… especially with the sudden cessation of ‘business as usual.’ I encourage you to share your concerns with legislators. They make policies that affect our daily lives.

There are many aspects that influence family support. Paid family leave and access to health care are both essential. Right now is a good time to pay attention. With the wisdom of hindsight, we can better prepare for future crises. More profoundly, this is how we can help each other thrive and live more healthfully.

Let’s plan ahead for a calmer, more productive approach to public health and family support.

Click here for a link to find your legislators.

Click here for more information about the proposed Paid Family Leave bill.