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Milk and Lilies

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What, if any, connection is there between breast milk and lilies? There’s an interesting answer to that question.
As the story goes, Zeus had an affair with a mortal woman. From that union, Hercules was born. Because Hercules was half mortal, Zeus was concerned this son have more powers. He thought his goddess wife Hera could breastfeed Hercules along with their children so that Hercules could gain some powers through breast milk.

So Zeus snuck baby Hercules in with the other children while Hera was sleeping and nursing. Of course she woke up. She was angry with this and pushed Hercules away.

As Hera did this, the milk from one breast spurted up to the heavens. That became the Milky Way. The word galaxy comes from the root word gala, which means milk.

From the other breast, the milk spurted down to Earth and that became lilies! That’s why lilies smell so sweet.

We are mere humans. Though the immune factors in breast milk are ‘powerful’ and build your child’s strength and health.

(On another note, you see…even Gods and Goddesses need to work on their ommunication skills.)