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Home Visits with an IBCLC


Home visits are a convenient and comfortable way to learn about breastfeeding, especially in the first weeks. With your baby in your arms, the answers to your questions make more sense. You can reach me by phone at 617-435-0693.

How does a home visit work?
I’ll come to your house and meet you (your partner, your older kids, your pets). You can review and sign a consent form while I wash my hands. We’ll weigh your baby before a feeding and compare that with a weight after feeding. Together we’ll observe, without judgement, how nursing is going. Between you, your baby and I, we’ll see what works, what doesn’t and remedy it for your comfort. One visit usually takes about two hours, depending on what you and your baby need. You’ll receive a written review of our visit, relevant hand outs and a receipt.
We’ll schedule a follow up phone call or e-mail. I’ll also send a written review to your pediatrician. If you need more follow up, we can schedule another visit. Most families need one or two visits and a few phone calls.

How is payment made? You pay me directly, a check is fine. I’ll give you a signed receipt that has information your insurance company requires.  Your insurance company may reimburse you. Give them a call, maybe more than one, to be clear what they will cover.

For your reassurance, I’m current with flu shots, immunizations, TB testing, am ‘fragrance-neutral’ and like dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, birds and fish.

When should you call? Guidance in the first two weeks makes a big difference in your milk supply and your comfort. It’s important to get help especially if
• feeding is painful
• latching on is difficult
• your baby is not soiling enough diapers
• your baby is not gaining weight or is losing weight.
A mother who is not in pain from breastfeeding is less likely to be depressed and the baby is more likely to be feeding well. I would say that makes her partner more comfortable, too.

Prenatal Visits: We can meet before your baby is born. For families with particular concerns, prior difficulties or just limited time for a class, this is a good option. Get answers to your questions. Learn about practices that best support breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is supposed to be comfortable. That takes patience and practice, not pain. For breastfeeding guidance in the comfort of your home, give me a call.

I look forward to talking with you.
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