Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Teaching about breastfeeding and lactation is something I truly enjoy. How our bodies are designed and how our babies learn is remarkable, even when it’s difficult.

And I do know about difficult breastfeeding. I’d like you to know what’s most helpful in the first days so you can start your breastfeeding journey with confidence.

This July, I’m offering a prenatal breastfeeding class.  Sunday 3-5:30p.m.   July 2, 9 or 16  in Ellsworth.
Over the years, I’ve heard parent’s same worries. How do I know my baby is getting enough? How do I make a good milk supply? What do I do if X goes wrong? When do I begin pumping?

Certainly there are more questions. In this two and a half hour class, we will cover:
• How the body makes milk.
• The baby’s instincts to root and latch.
• Comfortable positions and latching on.
• Helpful advice for the best start (Cesarean or vaginal birth, preterm or full term baby.)
• What to eat when breastfeeding, medications, alcohol.
• How your baby grows and how breast milk changes to meet your baby’s needs.
• Preparing to Return to Work and the new PUMP Act law.
There will be a few videos because ‘seeing is believing’.  And you’ll receive a helpful booklet for easy reference in your postpartum days.

Much of what you will learn, your body already knows. When you understand your own body, you will appreciate what good things you can do.Even when there are difficulties, there is some wisdom in your body and with your baby that you can trust.

Register now, for you, Your support person is welcome.
I look forward to meeting you. Contact me to register or call 617-435-0693.
Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
Sunday 3-5:30 July 2, 9 or 16.

Quiet Strength Yoga   83 Main St.   Ellsworth