Rebuilding Milk Supply or Relactating

What if you began breastfeeding then stopped? Maybe your supply has dipped during this chaotic time. Is it possible to rebuild your milk supply and breastfeed?

These may be questions you have and I can gladly help explain this to you. Let’s be in touch.

Relactating will take time and some resources. Although eating ‘lactation cookies’ is nice, there’s more to building milk supply than that. Two things in your favor are if your baby is still fairly young and you had some milk supply in the first weeks.

A good start, and a sweet way to begin, is to spend time skin-to-skin with your baby: resting together, carrying, comforting. Your baby doesn’t have to actually breastfeed. It’s a gradual adjustment and learning. Indeed, there is more to breastfeeding than getting calories into the belly.

Being at the breast is a start (or restart) for your baby. In addition, your body will respond to a baby at the breast and that will help with building your milk supply.

Several factors influence how much you can relactate and how long it will take. We’ll also consider you and your baby’s health, the time you have to put into this and types of pumps, among other things. Let’s chat and discuss what’s possible.

At the very least, it’s good to know that with holding and carrying, you can comfort your child. I do suggest avoiding plastic pacifiers, mostly because you have to frequently sterilize them. For any one who is feeding a child, always wash your hands and the cup, bottle or whatever other feeding equipment is used. Wash your baby’s hands, too.

There are many things we do as parents and most of us are winging it in these unusual circumstances. Whether or not you want to relactate, do keep in mind the good things you do every day with your child. If you want to discuss building or rebuilding your milk supply, feel free to contact me.