Your Rights At Work: Free Webinar

Only a few months ago, in December 2022, the PUMP Act (Providing Urgent Maternal Protections) was signed into law. It clarifies what is break time and work time, what a suitable place for pumping should be and more. This is a significant step forward for working parents.

There are other laws that also impact families.  For this reason, the Maine State Breastfeeding Coalition has organized an informative webinar “Expressing Milk for Your Child At Work: What Helps and What Stands In the Way?”. This free webinar will take place on Thursday April 6th  12-1 pm.

Employment Attorney Ali Tozier will discuss how workplace policies and practices support or hinder a parent’s ability to provide breast milk. She will review current challenges and solutions. This will be a helpful webinar for employees, as well as employers, to understand the laws and their rights.

This webinar is free.  Thursday, April 6th. 12-1 pm. Online. Please register  to attend.
You can also read about Ali Tozier and the Maine State Breastfeeding Coalition’s other upcoming events on our Events page.

See you soon!