Senator’s Positive Reply

Reading about the PUMP act… were you inspired to write to your federal senator? I was and I did. I wrote to both Senator Angus King and Senator Susan Collins of Maine.

My message was simple. Parents are parents all the time, even when they’re at work. They need to be able to easily provide for their child while they are away. The PUMP act improves laws that are in place. The current laws have huge gaps that make them less than effective. For example, What is ‘break time’? What is a ‘private, clean space’ for pumping?

These are important details and are two of the necessary clarifications. The PUMP act makes the rights of parents clearer and makes it more possible for working parents to continue providing breast milk.

That’s why I wrote to my senators. I am glad to say I did hear back from Senator Angus King. (I haven’t gotten an answer from Senator Collins.) Beyond the usual ‘thank you for contacting our office’, I got a specific response in support of this bill. I feel hopeful when I read that Senator King understands this issue for families. I hope this will inspire you to write and share your opinion.

Senator King’s letter clarified this: “… the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act has passed the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and the House companion bill has also passed the House Education and Labor Committee—both bills are currently waiting for a vote before their respective chamber. Should S.1658 come before the Senate for a vote, I intend to support it.” So that’s where it’s at.

What does your federal senator have to say?

Keep sending the message. There are so many fixes we could make for family support. The PUMP act is one that will have an immediate impact. Maine’s proposal for Paid family leave is important, too.

Thanks again to Senator King for specifically answering my comment. Your support is appreciated.

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