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A consultation is time dedicated to discussing your breastfeeding questions. Being able to sort through all the information can be very helpful.

At this time, I offer phone and video consultations. Please contact me or call 617-435-0693. We can decide what will work best for you.  

Let’s figure this out so you can appreciate your own success.

A Phone or Video Visit.

I’ll send you a link to a consent form (electronic medical records) that you sign before our visit. It’s also where you can review you and your baby’s health history, your concerns and goals.

We try to schedule the visit at a time when the baby will be close to feeding (though really, newborns have no schedule.) It’s fine to include your partner or another helpful person. For a video consult, having someone else be the ‘camera person’ is really helpful.

We’ll observe, without judgement, a feeding. We’ll notice the baby’s postures and positions, what’s comfortable. We’ll review health histories, the birth story and your breastfeeding experience.

We start from what’s working, discuss what you feel and what I see, remedy things for your ease. Breastfeeding is supposed to be comfortable. That takes patience and practice, not pain.

You’ll receive a written review of our visit, relevant hand outs and a receipt.  I’ll send a written review to your pediatrician.

We can keep in touch by phone or e-mail. If you need more follow up, we can schedule another visit. Most families need one or two visits and a few phone calls.

Call any time. It’s especially important to get help if

  • feeding is painful, you are uncomfortable.
  • latching on is difficult
  • your baby is not soiling enough diapers
  • your baby is not gaining weight or is losing weight


You pay me directly by PayPal or credit card.

My Billing Specialist can submit the claims for you. Some private insurance companies have reimbursed in about a month. (That means you get repaid, in about a month.)

Telehealth visits should be reimbursed. However, my colleagues and I encourage you to call your insurance company ahead of time. 

With insurance, it’s always a good idea to document what you were told (date, reference number, person to whom you spoke.)

The Affordable Care Act includes breastfeeding benefits as part of women’s preventative services with no co-pay. Though honestly, this needs to be asserted. 

IBCLC care is an investment in the baby and mother’s long term health as well as the family’s well-being.

  • A mother who is not in pain from breastfeeding is less likely to be depressed and the baby is more likely to be feeding well.
  • Breastfeeding promotes the best for your baby’s immune system and oral development, reduces the mother’s risk of breast and uterine cancer, osteoporosis and anemia.
  • Your whole family benefits from the cost savings and the planet benefits from less trash. Breast milk certainly costs less infant formula. Such a bargain!

Prenatal Visits

It will help to understand how your body works and which  practices best support breastfeeding. You can get answers to your own specific concerns.

Nature plans for success and you, as a healthy woman, are an important part of that success. 

 I look forward to talking with you.

Robin Snyder-Drummond, BA, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Guidance in the Comfort of Your Home.