Breastfeeding can be a comfortable habit in your life. That takes patience and practice, not pain. Let’s find what works for you and your baby.

A lactation consult is time dedicated to discussing your breastfeeding questions. Being able to sort through all the information can be very helpful. I provide clear information to families and also to those who support them. 

  • Understand how your body makes milk for your child and a baby’s instinct to feed.
  • Learn why some common myths are counter productive.
  • Review reliable resources for information and support.

Together we’ll create a practical plan that works for you. Your support people can take classes, too. 

Consider a prenatal class. We’ll organize it  to answer your specific questions and assuage your worries. 

I also offer Tummy Time! Method sessions. This is a great way to gently help your baby unfurl and align their bodies. Babies do need to move and spend time on their tummies.

You’ll learn about your baby’s natural development and specific movements that help them align and grow.

I first saw how helpful this was for babies with feeding difficulties and discomfort. Just as importantly, this is a pleasant time to connect with your baby.

Tummy Time! sessions  are each 45 minutes long. We meet for three sessions by Zoom. Contact me and we can schedule a time. 

Please ask for help when

  • feeding is painful, you are uncomfortable.
  • latching on is difficult.
  • your baby is not soiling enough diapers.
  • your baby is not gaining weight or is losing weight.

For over twenty years, I made home visits for postpartum care and lactation consultations. That sit-down together time was valuable experience. During this  pandemic, I offer phone support and virtual consults. You can contact me or call (cell) 617-435-0693.I look forward to talking with you.

Robin Snyder-Drummond, BA, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Guidance for your Comfort.

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