Breastfeeding can be a comfortable habit in your life. That takes patience and practice, not pain. It’s a great investment in you and your baby’s long term health so let’s find what works for you and your baby.

You can schedule an office visit through Anchored Women’s Health. I also offer office visits and home visits through The Lactation Network.

Office visits take place at Anchored Women’s Health in Ellsworth, ME. 

A lactation consultation, office or home visit, includes time to review your concerns and answer your questions. We’ll review you and your baby’s health history. We’ll also weigh your baby before and after a feeding at the visit.  At the end of the visit, I’ll give you a written review of what we discussed. We can easily schedule a follow up visit.

It’s fine to bring a support person with you if you’d prefer. For your information, I’m up to date on the flu and Covid vaccines.

Most likely your insurance will cover lactation consultations, though it’s a good idea to check with them. 

Anchored Women’s Health accepts these insurance plans:

  • Aetna   • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Beacon.  • Cigna  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • MaineCare   • Maine Community Health Options    • Medicare
  • Meritain Health    • United Healthcare

The Lactation Network accepts many plans:

• Blue Cross PPO  • Blue Shield PPO  • Anthem PPPO.  • Cigna PPO  • Humana PPO plans, Multi-plan and PNOA plans.  If the PNOA or Multi-plan logo is on your insurance card, TLN can accept that insurance.

Book a Lactation Support Package with Anchored Women’s Health.   Understand what’s normal, how to get the best start and get acquainted with who and where your support will be. Six visits, starting with  prenatal and the first days, tailored to your specific concerns. Here’s a general outline:

Prenatal: The best start to breastfeeding. How milk is made, how babies feed.
First Days: What’s working, what are your questions?
First Two Weeks: Review your successes and challenges.
The First Month: Signs of change, plan for the next weeks, returning to work.
Six weeks: Pumping/Storing Strategies, your rights at work, changes in feeding.
Ten to Twelve Weeks: Foods, growth spurts, look ahead to the next months.

Come to my  Tummy Time! Method sessions.
Tuesday mornings 10-11 on May 9, 16, 23, 2023 in Ellsworth. For babies up to four months old. The group is limited to four pairs: baby and parent, grandparent or caregiver. Contact me to register for this.

Your baby needs to unfurl and align their body. TummyTime! Method is a specific and gentle sequence of movements that encourages alignment and development of their neck, shoulders and back.  It’s easy to do and easy to learn. While learning about your baby’s development, you’ll also enjoy time with your baby and meet other parents.

Every family deserves support and time to talk, ask questions and learn at their own pace.  Contact me or call me at 617-435-0693.

Robin Snyder-Drummond, BA, IBCLC
Positive and Practical Breastfeeding Guidance for families… and those who support them.

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