Sharing her Story

When Kristen Hayward asked me about offering lactation consults in her midwifery office, I was so pleased. It’s important to have like-minded, experienced colleagues to share the work of caring for families. Kristen is a partner who can pursue other aspects of women’s health in addition to the breastfeeding guidance I can offer.

The first appeal, to me, was how committed she is to the personal care of each woman. When you call the office, you talk to Kristen. When you call me, you talk to me. When you come to the office, Kristen and I are there to meet you. You can usually get an appointment within days, not weeks or months. It’s comfortable and small and individual.  ( I know my colleagues at larger organizations would like to have more time.)

In every visit, there are always challenges. It may take more than one, thank goodness that insurance usually covers six visits. I firmly believe that first, mothers and babies belong together. And secondly, something can be learned from the difficulties of an experience. Your body and your baby’s body are telling you something. Learn What Your Body Already Knows.

The following is a testimonial sent to the office. If you have been a client, do keep in touch, with whatever news you have.

Hello, I am not looking for care. I just wanted to share a testimonial about Anchored Women’s Health: I came in to Kristen and Robin after two months of incredibly painful, and frustrating breastfeeding experience. Kristen was so attentive to me, I thought I was coming in for my baby and she did an amazing job of ensuring that I also received postpartum care. She came ready with recommendations and suggestions that have made my life so much better.

And Robin, oh where to begin with Robin. She was gentle and supportive of me and sympathetic to my breastfeeding journey. She did what 4 other midwives and consultants couldn’t do- she got my baby to latch and feed without any pain. She had exercises and suggestions and she built my confidence that I knew my baby. It felt wonderful that my baby and I were so seen and respected. Her experience was obvious, to the point where she even called me to check up, and she recommended resources for the state I was moving to.

Finally I have to praise the providers for clean insurance and billing. Half of the fear of going to the doctor for help is the nightmare of insurance you must fight on the back end. Not with Anchored Women’s Health. They are meticulous with their billing and that made it easy for insurance to clearly define what was and was not covered. I am so grateful! I am still fighting a horrible billing battle with local hospitals for similar but lower quality care.

It makes me wish I had found Anchored Women’s Health sooner! The professionalism throughout was so refreshing. I hope many women are able to get the support they need and deserve from Anchored Women’s Health.”