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Simple Parenting Advice

line cover of children book

Do you need any more parenting advice or techniques? Because every child and every situation is different, how can any one person be an expert? Parenting is a fluid practice, it’s learning from experience and from your kids.

There is one little book I do recommend. It’s titled Always Kiss Me Goodnight: Instructions on Raising the Perfect Parent by 147 kids who know, compiled by J.S. Salt. When J.S. Salt and his wife were expecting their first child, he had many questions about how to parent. It occurred to him that kids would have some answers. Thus, he visited fourteen schools and talked with one thousand kids from various economic and ethnic backgrounds.

His question for the children was simply: “What makes a good parent?”  The kids had touching and interesting things to say. Here’s a summary. Children mostly want you to be interested in their lives and respect their experiences. It’s a low-tech request. No expensive equipment or specialized training required.

Kids in this little book appreciated being able to share moments of the day, stories and feelings. Talking and listening is how to build that connection.

Conversation also introduces kids to more vocabulary. Simply talking helps to develop early literacy skills in children, as early as newborns and continuing on up. “Talk to me” is good advice from children and from parenting ‘experts’. (If you speak another language, that’s a bonus. It’s easier to learn a language in the early years).

My friends’ two year old presented her with a gift. “Look Mommy, I’ve written a book!” she proudly announced. “That’s great, honey, what does it say?” “I don’t know, Mom. I can’t read!”

Isn’t it good to know simply talking has many benefits for your family? Enjoy chatting with your baby. You both have interesting things to share.