New Place, New Opportunities

Looking out the kitchen window, I note the distinct November palette: grey, rust brown, pale ochre. I’m always pleased to see the change of each season. Today it’s a classic chilly, damp and overcast day. My New England blood is ‘getting thicker’ for the winter.

We moved to Ellsworth from the Boston MA area in the lush green season of July. It’s been just about four months since we moved. There are two things I’ve noticed about living here.

First: Walking down the street, people will make eye contact and say “Good Morning”. People are friendly and welcoming. This includes several people who responded to a letter that introduced me as an IBCLC in the area. They each gave a generous hour of their time to meet with me. Thank you!

I’ve connected with two services through the Downeast Community Partners. One is a free weekly mothers support group. The other is the Everybody Eats! free community meal. Both of them are here in Ellsworth. As well as these local resources, I’ve also attended Maine Breastfeeding Coalition meetings, a statewide organization. I’m impressed with what they’ve accomplished with the Milk Bank Depots.

I’m continuing to build a network of colleagues and providers in the area. I’ll continue to write a regular blog with updates on breastfeeding news, stories and events. Sign up for my BirthReady newsletter and get a brief blog roll in your inbox.

The second thing I note, on a daily basis, is how simply healthy and beautiful it is to be here. I love watching the river from the library window, hiking a mountain and getting a view of Somes sound, seeing so many stars in the night sky.

This summer I volunteered with the Frenchmen Bay Conservancy (FBC). It felt good to work outdoors and get something tangible done. I more fully appreciate the very hard work it takes to create a trail. And the preservation work they are doing at the Jordan Homestead is very valuable. In addition to that ‘field work’, at the invitation from Representative Nicole Grohoski, I’ve also joined the Ellsworth Green Action Team. This group addresses concerns about reducing solid waste, especially plastic and packaging.

In any place I live, these two things are important.
• That parents, children, families receive honest, accurate information.  And equally important,
• That the good health of everybody is nourished by the land and each other.

A chilly November eventually leads to the more frigid winter months. I’ve begun the November tradition of cooking squash, getting hats and mittens sorted and hosting warm meals. Our house will be full for the holiday. I’m looking forward to it and hope you are, too.

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