Tummy Time

I recently saw an ad that had compelling claims. It’s a pillow that will reduce plagiocephaly (flattening of the head), improve digestion and it even purports to offer perfect sleep! Appealing as that is, there is a simpler, more engaging way to address those concerns.

Have your baby spend time on their tummy. ‘Wear’ your baby in a front carrier instead of placed in a seat or a cot. Spend time with your baby lying tummy on the floor, cooing face to face.

Lying on the back keeps pressure on the back of their head. That, in turn,  causes the flattening. Though it is recommended that babies sleep that way, they need to be in other positions during the day.

Babies need to move and figure out how to use their bodies. This co-ordination of muscles and alignment of the spine is helpful for feeding and digestion.

In my lactation practice, I observed how postural changes and gentle exercises helped babies. I saw the value of the Tummy Time! Method and the work of Michelle Emanuel., OT, PT. I trained with Michelle Emanuel in order to provide Tummy Time! Method classes to families I meet, whether or not it’s a breastfeeding concern.

Tummy Time! presents specific and gentle exercises to do with your baby. This sequence of activities respects a baby’s natural progress of development from head to toe. You follow your baby’s cues; it’s not a ‘training’. It is a nice way to connect with your child, face to face, heart to heart.

I am offering three-session workshops via Zoom. Each session is 45 minutes, once a week. In these sessions you’ll learn simple movements that you can do at home as your baby unfurls and grows. Contact me and I can send you a link for a Zoom consult.

Honestly, no one can guarantee you ‘perfect sleep’. However, you and your baby can get more comfortable and enjoy a pleasant time with each other.